ZKTeco IN02 Fingerprint Access Control

৳  15,250.00

Brand : ZKTeco
Model : IN02
Card Capacity : 10,000
Power Supply : DC12V 1.5A

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ZKTeco IN02 Fingerprint Access Control

ZKTeco IN02A is a 3-inch Fingerprint Time Attendance &Access control Terminal which is equipped with fundamental features including Wi-Fi, GPRS, built-in battery and more keypads which brings you a simple but more efficient interaction and user experience. It is a good choice if you want a device with various functions and economic. If you need an economic device with various functions, IN02-A would be an optimal choice. ZKTeco IN02 has a simple and yet effective time attendance terminal with a 3-inch TFT display, multi-languages supported, built in a battery, up to 4 hours, web server / work code / SMS / DST / scheduled-bell / self-service query / automatic status switch / photo ID standard function, ID / Mifare / HID / external printer / ADMS / Wi-Fi / GPRS / 3G optical function, ZKTime. Net3.0 software, 221.7 x 159.5 x 42.9mm dimension. It works by comparing something unique about the person—such as face, fingerprint, iris, palm, and hand geometry—to a database of stored biometric templates about authorized users. If there is a match, the person is allowed in; otherwise, the person is denied access.

How does biometric prevent unauthorized access and use?

Biometrics scanners are hardware used to capture the biometric for verification of identity. These scans match against the saved database to approve or deny access to the system. In other words, biometric security means your body becomes the “key” to unlock your access.


ZKTeco IN02 Fingerprint Access Control

What is the price of ZKTeco IN02 Fingerprint Access Control in Bangladesh?

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