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ZKteco SC105 Access Control Color Display

ZKteco SC105 Access Control Color Display

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  • Model: SC105
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Key Features

  • Card Capacity : 30,000
  • Display : TFT LCD Color Screen
  • Transaction Capacity: 80,000
  • Supported Software: ZKBio Access IVS


Key Features
Card Capacity 30,000
Display TFT LCD Color Screen
Interface for Access Control 3rd party electric lock, door sensor, exit button, alarm, doorbell
Generel information
Auxiliary Interface 1ea for linkage function
Communication TCP/IP, RS485, USB-Host
Operating Humidity 20% ~ 80%
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 45°C
Optional Functions Mifare、Print Function
Power Supply DC 12V
SDK and Software Standalone SDK / ZKAccess3.5
Standard Functions Anti-passback
Transaction Capacity 80,000
Wiegand Signal Output & Input、SRB
Physical Information
Dimension(L×W×H) 130mm×94mm×52mm


ZKteco SC105 Access Control Color Display

The ZKteco SC105 Access Control Color Display is a cutting-edge access control device that offers advanced features and functionalities to enhance security and convenience in various environments. With its impressive specifications and robust design, the SC105 is a reliable solution for controlling access to buildings, rooms, or restricted areas.One of the standout features of the SC105 is its large card capacity, capable of storing up to 30,000 cards. This makes it suitable for organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. Additionally, the device can store up to 80,000 transactions, ensuring a comprehensive record of access activities for future reference or auditing purposes.The SC105 supports multiple communication protocols, including TCP/IP, RS485, and USB-Host, enabling seamless integration with existing networks and systems. This flexibility allows for efficient data transfer and remote management, making it an ideal choice for organizations with distributed locations or complex access control requirements.Designed to provide a comprehensive access control solution, the SC105 features various interfaces for connecting third-party electric locks, door sensors, exit buttons, alarms, and doorbells. These interfaces enable the device to seamlessly integrate with the existing infrastructure, providing a complete security ecosystem. Moreover, the SC105 includes an auxiliary interface for linkage functions, allowing it to interact with other security devices or systems. This feature enhances the overall security level by enabling actions such as triggering an alarm or activating surveillance cameras in response to specific access events.The device supports Wiegand signal output and input, making it compatible with a wide range of access control systems and devices. This versatility ensures easy integration with existing setups, minimizing the need for additional hardware or infrastructure changes.The SC105's TFT LCD color screen offers a visually appealing and user-friendly interface for managing access control operations. The high-quality display provides clear and vibrant visuals, making it easy to navigate menus, view cardholder information, and perform administrative tasks. The print function allows the device to generate access-related reports or badges directly, streamlining administrative processes and improving operational efficiency.With its durable construction and compact design, the SC105 is built to withstand various environments. The device operates reliably in temperatures ranging from 0°C to 45°C and operates within a humidity range of 20% to 80%. Its compact dimensions of 130mm×94mm×52mm ensure easy installation in different locations and architectural settings.


  • Card Capacity: The SC105 can store up to 30,000 cards, allowing for extensive access control capabilities in medium to large-scale environments.
  • Transaction Capacity: With a transaction capacity of 80,000, the device can efficiently record and store access events, providing a comprehensive audit trail.
  • Communication Options: The SC105 supports multiple communication methods such as TCP/IP, RS485, and USB-Host, enabling flexible integration into existing networks.
  • Access Control Interface: It offers interfaces for connecting third-party electric locks, door sensors, exit buttons, alarms, and doorbells. This allows for seamless integration with various access control peripherals.
  • Auxiliary Interface: The device features an auxiliary interface that enables linkage functions, providing additional customization options for access control scenarios.
  • Wiegand Signal Support: The SC105 supports Wiegand signals for both input and output, facilitating compatibility with a wide range of access control systems and devices.
  • Standard Functions: It includes anti-passback functionality, a common access control feature that prevents unauthorized entry using the same access card or credentials repeatedly.
  • Optional Functions: The SC105 offers optional functions such as Mifare support for enhanced card authentication and a print function for generating access-related reports or badges.
  • TFT LCD Color Screen: The device features a vibrant TFT LCD color screen, providing a user-friendly interface for configuration, monitoring, and displaying relevant information.
  • Power Supply: It operates on a DC 12V power supply, ensuring reliable and stable performance.


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