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CCTV Attribute Details

Attribute Details

13 Aug Effective Pixels
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What is Effective Pixels in CCTV Camera?Effective pixels in a CCTV camera refer to the number of individual picture elements (pixels) on the camera's image sensor that are actively used to capture and reproduce the final image. These pixels are the o..
13 Aug Shutter Speed
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What is Shutter Speed?Shutter speed is the length of time the camera shutter is open, exposing light onto the camera sensor. Essentially, it’s how long your camera spends taking a photo. This has a few important effects on how your images will appear..
13 Aug Image Sensor
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What is an Image Sensor?An image sensor is a device used primarily in standalone or embedded digital cameras and imaging devices. Typically, when light strikes the lens of a camera, the image sensor captures that light, converts it into an electronic..
13 Aug IR distance
John 0 294
What is IR in CCTV camera?IR distance in CCTV cameras refers to the maximum range at which the camera's infrared (IR) illuminators can effectively provide night vision or capture images in low-light conditions. Infrared light is not visible to the hu..
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LENS CONTROL VIEW AS DETERMINED BY FOCAL LENGTHFocal length is a crucial parameter in the world of CCTV cameras, determining the field of view and magnification of the captured images. It directly influences the camera's ability to capture details at..
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