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Virdi AC-7000 Multimodal Face & Fingerprint Terminal
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VIRDI AC-7000 Multimodal Face & Fingerprint Terminal

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  • Brand: VIRDI
  • Model: AC-7000
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Key Features

  • Powerful 1.0GHz Processor
  • FingerPrint Templates: 500,00(1:1), 50,000(1:N)
  • Face Template: 50,000(1:1), 10,000(1:N)
  • Transaction Log: 10,000,000


Key Features
Display 5″ Color Touch LCD
Fingerprint Capacity 50000
Manufacture by
brand Virdi
Generel information
Connectivity RS232 port and TCP/IP
Face Capacity 10000
Other Features FBI PIV Certified Fingerprint Sensor
Security Face / Retina


VIRDI AC-7000 Unleashing Power with a 1.0GHz Processor Price in BD

Empower your access control system with the Virdi AC-7000, a multimodal face and fingerprint terminal equipped with a powerful 1.0GHz processor. This high-performance device is designed to redefine security standards, ensuring seamless and efficient access management. Explore the features that make the AC-7000 a powerhouse in the world of biometric access control. At the heart of the AC-7000 lies a robust 1.0GHz Quad Core (Dual) processor. This processing powerhouse ensures swift and efficient authentication, allowing for quick access without compromising on security. Experience the next level of performance in access control with Virdi's cutting-edge technology.

Extensive Biometric Templates

The AC-7000 supports a vast number of biometric templates, with fingerprint templates accommodating 500,000 (1:1) and 50,000 (1:N). Additionally, face templates are supported at 50,000 (1:1) and 10,000 (1:N). This versatility allows the terminal to cater to the access needs of diverse environments, from small businesses to large enterprises. Keep a comprehensive record of access activities with the AC-7000's transaction log capacity of 10,000,000 entries. This extensive log capacity ensures detailed tracking of every access attempt, providing valuable insights for security monitoring and audit purposes.

Advanced Features of Virdi AC-7000

The AC-7000 offers versatile connectivity options, including TCP/IP, RS485, Wiegand In/Out, RS232, and optional SD Card and Wi-Fi capabilities. This flexibility ensures easy integration into existing access control systems, providing a comprehensive solution for various environments. Enhance access options with RFID card compatibility. The AC-7000 supports 125KHz EM and 13.56MHz Smart Card/Desfire/Felica/HID Prox (optional)/HID iClass (optional). This versatile RFID card compatibility ensures a range of access methods to suit the preferences and security requirements of different users. The AC-7000 features a compact design with dimensions of 149.5 x 208.5x46mm, making it suitable for various installation settings. The 5" color touch LCD interface provides a user-friendly experience, allowing for intuitive interactions and hassle-free navigation.

Scalable Capacity and Unmatched Logging Capability

Equipped with 4GB NAND and an additional 8GB microSD, the AC-7000 ensures ample memory and storage capacity. This allows the terminal to handle the storage demands of a large user database and extensive transaction logs, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. With a maximum user capacity of 250,000, the AC-7000 accommodates the access control needs of growing organizations. The terminal's log capacity includes 10,000,000 event logs and 20,000 image logs, providing extensive tracking and monitoring capabilities for security administrators. Secure your premises with the Virdi AC-7000, available at a competitive Price in Bangladesh, exclusively at our trusted shop. Upgrade your access control system with this multimodal face and fingerprint terminal, combining powerful features with seamless integration for enhanced security.

Virdi Biometric Solutions Overview

In Virdi's diverse lineup, the UBio-X Face TerminalUBio-X Pro 2UBio-X Pro Lite Prime, and UBio-X Face Premium share cutting-edge facial and fingerprint recognition technology. These sleek devices prioritize security and convenience. Meanwhile, the AC-7000 Terminal, AC-2100 Plus Finger Access ControlAC-2200 Biometric Attendance, and AC-5000 Plus IK Fingerprint offer advanced access solutions with varying features. While the UBio-X series emphasizes facial recognition, the AC series integrates fingerprint access, catering to diverse security needs. Virdi's commitment to innovation is evident across this range, providing businesses with reliable and customizable biometric solutions.

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Product List

VIRDI UBio-X Face Premium Face Recognition Terminal

165,000৳ 170,000৳


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What is the price of the VIRDI AC-7000 Multimodal Face & Fingerprint Terminal in Bangladesh 2024?

Techdeal offers you the VIRDI AC-7000 Multimodal Face & Fingerprint Terminal at a low price in Bangladesh 04/14/2024. The latest price of VIRDI AC-7000 Multimodal Face & Fingerprint Terminal is 83,000৳ only. You can order on our website or Facebook Page or visit any of our showrooms. For more information- 01844944094.

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