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Hikvision DS-1LN6U-SC0 Cat 6 Cable
Hikvision DS-1LN6U-SC0 Cat 6 Cable
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Hikvision DS-1LN6U-SC0 Cat 6 Cable
Hikvision DS-1LN6U-SC0 Cat 6 Cable

Hikvision DS-1LN6U-SC0 Cat 6 Cable

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  • Brand: Hikvision
  • Model: DS-1LN6U-SCO
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Key Features

  • Full diameter 305 m CAT6 network cable
  • Core diameter: 0.55mm
  • Excellent transmission performance using solid copper
  • Quality verified by Fluke test


Key Features
Material PVC
Operating Voltage 60 V
Generel information
Cable Length (305 ±1.5) m
Physical Information
color Grey
Package Dimensions (L*W*H) 400 mm (W) × 400 mm (H) × 240 mm (D)(15.75″ × 15.75″ × 9.45″)
Weight 12.3 ± 0.5kg


Hikvision DS-1LN6U-SC0 Cat 6 Cable Price in BD

Experience the pinnacle of networking with the Hikvision DS-1LN6U-SC0 Cat 6 Cable, a cutting-edge solution designed to elevate your online experience to unprecedented heights. Whether you're a passionate gamer, a dedicated professional, or a streaming enthusiast, this cable empowers you with lightning-fast data transfer speeds, ensuring minimal lag and interruptions. Unleash the true potential of your devices and enjoy smoother online activities, from streaming high-definition content to dominating your favorite multiplayer games. Designed to meet the highest industry standards, the Hikvision DS-1LN6U-SC0 Cat 6 Cable is your assurance of unrivaled quality and performance. The cable's solid-bare copper conductor, meticulously crafted at 0.55±0.005 mm with 23 AWG, ensures optimal signal transmission and durability. Say goodbye to dropped connections and subpar performance – this cable is your gateway to a seamless online experience. The Hikvision DS-1LN6U-SC0 Cat 6 Cable boasts a robust construction that's built to withstand the test of time. The HDPE insulation at 0.98±0.05 mm guarantees protection against signal interference, ensuring every bit of data arrives at its destination intact and pristine. With a rip-cord and separator included, installation becomes a breeze, saving you time and effort while maintaining the cable's structural integrity. Rest easy knowing that the Hikvision DS-1LN6U-SC0 Cat 6 Cable exceeds the most stringent industry standards. Complying with ISO/IEC11801 and ANSI/TIA-568-C.2, this cable showcases its dedication to delivering unparalleled performance and reliability. The cable's RoHS 2.0 certification underscores its commitment to environmental sustainability, making it a responsible choice for both your connectivity needs and the planet. With the aging test conducted at 100 ? × 24h × 10d, the Hikvision DS-1LN6U-SC0 Cat 6 Cable demonstrates its exceptional resilience. It maintains its structural integrity even after the most challenging conditions, maintaining a tensile strength of ≥ 12.5 Mpa and an elongation of ≥ 125%. Additionally, the cable's cold bend performance of -20 ± 2? × 4h, with no visible cracks, guarantees reliability even in harsh environments.

    Reference Standard: ISO/IEC11801,ANSI/TIA-568-C.2,RoHS 2.0

      Fire Resistance: No

      Conductor: Solid-Bare Copper (99.95%);0.55±0.005 mm,23 AWG

      Insulation: HDPE;0.98±0.05 mm

      Rip-Cord: Yes

      Separator: Yes

        Before Aging: Tensile strength ≥ 13.5 Mpa;Elongation ≥ 150%

        Aging Period: 100 ? × 24h × 10d

        After Aging: Tensile strength ≥ 12.5Mpa;Elongation ≥ 125%

        Cold Bend: -20 ± 2? × 4h,8 × cable O.D,no visible cracks

          1.0-250.0 MHz Impedance: 100 ± 15Ω @ ≤ 100MHz;100 ± 25Ω @ 100-250MHz

          1.0-250.0 Mhz Delay Skew: ≤ 45 ns/100 m

          DC Resistance: ≤ 9.38 Ω/100 m

          DC Conductor Resistance Unbalance: ≤ 5.0 %

          Package Dimension: 400 mm (W) × 400 mm (H) × 240 mm (D)(15.75″ × 15.75″ × 9.45″)

          Weight: 12.3 ± 0.5kg

          Cable Length: (305 ±1.5) m

          Ambient Temperature: -20 ? to 75 ? (-4? to 167?)

          Operating Voltage: 60 V

            Thickness: 0.5±0.10 mm

            Material: PVC

            Color: Grey

            Diameter: 6.00±0.30 mm


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            What is the price of the Hikvision DS-1LN6U-SC0 Cat 6 Cable in Bangladesh 2024?

            Techdeal offers you the Hikvision DS-1LN6U-SC0 Cat 6 Cable at a low price in Bangladesh 04/17/2024. The latest price of Hikvision DS-1LN6U-SC0 Cat 6 Cable is 12,700৳ only. You can order on our website or Facebook Page or visit any of our showrooms. For more information- 01844944094.