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A86D Exit Button (Aluminum)
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NexaKey A86D Exit Button (Aluminum)

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  • Brand: NexaKey
  • Model: A86D
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Key Features

  • Special design, no mechanical failure
  • Luxury design, beautiful and durable
  • The test is qualified for the test
  • The advanced door control project designates the supporting products

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Key Features
Material Aluminmum Panel, Steel Button
Generel information
Output NO/COM
Power Consumption 3A@36VDC Max
Use 500000 tested
Door Type Applicable Hollow frame and embedded electric case
Physical Information
Dimension 86Lx86Wx20H(mm)
Weight 0.1kg


NexaKey A86D Exit Button (Aluminum) Price in BD

A86D Exit Button (Aluminum) stands as a robust and reliable access control solution designed to ensure smooth egress from enclosed spaces. Crafted with precision, this exit button boasts a sturdy aluminum panel coupled with a durable steel button, creating a blend of resilience and sleek design that harmonizes with various architectural aesthetics. One of its key attributes is its versatility in terms of installation. The exit button is suitable for application on both hollow frames and embedded electric cases, adding to its adaptability within diverse infrastructural setups. This adaptability extends to its functional compatibility as well, as it offers both Normally Open (NO) and Common (COM) output options, providing flexibility for integration into various access control systems. In terms of performance, the A86D Exit Button is designed to endure heavy usage. Having undergone extensive testing, it demonstrates remarkable reliability with a tested lifespan of 500,000 activations. This durability is accompanied by efficient power consumption, drawing a maximum of 3A at 36VDC, making it an energy-efficient choice that doesn't compromise on functionality. The physical dimensions of 86Lx86Wx20H(mm) grant it a compact form factor, ensuring it can be seamlessly incorporated into diverse architectural designs without disrupting the aesthetics. Weighing a mere 0.1kg, it remains unobtrusive while maintaining its structural integrity. The A86D Exit Button (Aluminum) serves as a testament to quality engineering and design. Its aluminum panel exudes a modern and professional look, while the steel button beneath it provides tactile feedback, enhancing user experience. Whether installed in commercial spaces, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, or other environments, this exit button offers a reliable and ergonomic solution for facilitating secure and hassle-free egress.

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What is the price of the NexaKey A86D Exit Button (Aluminum) in Bangladesh 2024?

Techdeal offers you the NexaKey A86D Exit Button (Aluminum) at a low price in Bangladesh 07/15/2024. The latest price of NexaKey A86D Exit Button (Aluminum) is 700৳ only. You can order on our website or Facebook Page or visit any of our showrooms. For more information- 01844944094.

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