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  • Brand: King Pigeon
  • Model: SR-60
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Key Features

  • Working Voltage: 9VDC;
  • Sound Volume: 110dB in 10 Feet;
  • Transmission Distance: 100Meters;
  • Frequency: 315Mhz;


Key Features
Frequency 315Mhz;
Transmission Distance 100Meters;
Generel information
sound 110dB in 10 Feet;
Wireless Connection PT2262
Working Voltage 9VDC;


KING PIGEON (MODEL-SR-60) Wireless Strobe Siren

The KING PIGEON (MODEL-SR-60) Wireless Strobe Siren is a highly effective alarm system designed to enhance security measures for your premises. This robust alarm device combines both visual and auditory alerts, featuring a bright, flashing light along with a powerful 110dB sound output, ensuring that any unauthorized intrusion or emergency situation is unmistakably communicated. Mounted on the exterior of your property, it serves as a beacon to direct authorities to the precise location of the alarm. Operating on a reliable 315MHz frequency with a transmission distance of up to 100 meters, it ensures seamless communication with your security system. The wireless connection is established through the use of PT2262 technology, simplifying installation and integration into your existing security setup. Powered by a 9VDC working voltage, the KING PIGEON SR-60 offers a dependable and efficient means of fortifying your security measures.


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What is the price of the KING PIGEON (MODEL-SR-60) in Bangladesh 2024?

Techdeal offers you the KING PIGEON (MODEL-SR-60) at a low price in Bangladesh 04/19/2024. The latest price of KING PIGEON (MODEL-SR-60) is 1,550৳ only. You can order on our website or Facebook Page or visit any of our showrooms. For more information- 01844944094.

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