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Entrance and Parking Management Device price in Bangladesh

Entrance control solution in Bangladesh

Entrance & Parking Management Systems are transformative solutions that optimize vehicle access, streamline parking processes, and enhance security across various facilities. These systems offer an array of advantages, making them an indispensable component of contemporary urban planning:

  • Efficient Vehicle Access: These systems streamline the entry and exit of vehicles, mitigating traffic congestion and reducing wait times for users.
  • Enhanced Security: Robust access control measures, including barriers and turnstiles, ensure that only authorized vehicles and individuals can enter the premises.
  • Convenient Payment Processing: Users can effortlessly make payments for parking through various methods, including cash, cards, and mobile payments.
  • Parking Space Optimization: Real-time data and guidance systems help users locate available parking spots efficiently, saving time.
  • Emergency Handling: Equipped with protocols to manage emergencies like power outages and fire alarms, these systems ensure user safety.

System of Guidance for Entrance Management

A sophisticated Entrance Management System incorporates various technologies to regulate vehicle access efficiently. It employs a Visual Messaging System (VMS) to display parking space availability, sensors like cameras, ultrasonics, and geomagnetic sensors to determine parking spot occupancy, and loop detectors to monitor traffic volume. This combination of data ensures streamlined parking.

Auto Charging System: The Auto Key Entry (AKE) solution provides flexible parking cost payment options. Users can use an automatic payment machine or a mobile application, eliminating unnecessary delays at the exit.

Car Finding System: With AKE solutions, finding a parked vehicle in a large parking lot is simplified. Users can input details like entry time, license plate number, or parking space number to locate their vehicle efficiently.

Admin Management Platform: This platform manages all data acquired, including parking duration, location, occupancy status, and vehicle volume. It offers real-time Graphic User Interface (GUI) panels, CCTV integration, and parking revenue control system (PRCS) equipment to enhance parking management.

Parking Management solutions in Techdeal BD

Techdeal, a leading name in Entrance & Parking Management Systems, offers innovative solutions to enhance access control, parking management, and security throughout Bangladesh. From efficient parking barriers to advanced turnstiles, swing barriersflap barriers, and optical barriers, Techdeal's products empower businesses and organizations with comprehensive access solutions. With robust security measures and emergency handling protocols, users can trust Techdeal's systems to protect data and ensure user safety.

Parking Barrier device Price in Bangladesh

Product NamePRICE IN BD
ZKTeco FBL4000 Pro Flap Barrier250,500৳
ZKTeco FBL4022 Pro Single Lane Flap Barrier225,000৳
ZKTeco FBL4200 Pro Flap Barrier210,000৳
ZKTeco TS2022 Pro Bridge Tripod Turnstile Access Control System82,500৳
ZKTeco TS-1022 PRO Single-Lane Tripod Turnstile71,000৳
Zkteco TS-2122 Semi-automatic Tripod Turnstiles65,000৳
ZKTeco CMP200 Parking Barrier (Folding)62,000৳
ZKTeco BG1045L Parking Barrier60,000৳
ZKTeco PB4030 Parking Barrier57,200৳