ZKTeco ZK-D3180S Archway Gate or Walk Through Metal Detector

৳  63,000.00

Brand : Zkteco
Model : ZK-D3180S
Weight : 65kg

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ZKTeco ZK-D3180S Archway Gate

As the number of cases has been increasing and the geographical spread has been widening, the novel coronavirus outbreak has raised grave concerns about public health and personal hygiene. The disease can occasionally cause symptoms like high fever, and ZK-D3180S is a walk-through metal detector that can assist in body temperature measurement at the forehead and wrist of passengers. If the temperature detected is over 37.3°C or any other value set by the administrative user, ZK-D3180S will raise an alarm to inform the guards. ZKTeco ZK-D3180S Archway Gate best price.

ZKTeco ZK-D3180S Archway Gate for security in various public and private institutions including supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, residential hotels, banks, airports, railway stations, hospitals. The main feature of this device is that it can detect tiny iron or steel or any dangerous object. As a result theft, robbery etc. can be easily prevented. Moreover, this device plays a role in temperature measurement in the current epidemic corona situation. However, scanning this device does not cause any physical harm to the elderly, children, sick or pregnant women.

Main Feature of ZKTeco ZK-D3180S

  • 18 detection zones
  • 256 sensitivity levels
  • 5.7’’ LCD display
  • Counter for alarm and people
  • Synchronous sound & LED alarm

What is the price of ZKTeco ZK-D3180S Archway Gate or Walk Through Metal Detector in Bangladesh?

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