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A tripod turnstile is waist-high access control. It has three revolving arms. Tripod turnstiles can restrict access to one person at a time with a set of rotating arms. This half-height turnstile gate has traditionally been the most popular turnstile.

Turnstile-attendance meaning, a rough count of the number of attendance or multiple day events by counting the number of days of access each individual has been granted.

Where Tripod Turnstiles can be put to good use

  • Sports or training venues
  • Public service stations
  • Private companies
  • Multi tenant buildings
  • Modern health clubs
  • University recreation centers

What are turnstiles used for?

Turnstiles are often used for counting the numbers of people passing through a gate, even when payment is not involved. They are used extensively in amusement parks to keep track of how many people enter and exit the park and ride each ride.


Advantages of Tripod turnstile

  • Lower cost
  • Easy to install
  • Can not be force open
  • Only let one person in at a time
  • Shorter lead times
  • Stock item and readily available

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