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With the ease of international trade and cross-border flow of goods, the necessity for security is expanding by the day. Hand-held metal detectors are made to identify knives, weapons, and blunt metal items in a quick and effective manner.

It’s a good complement to fixed scanners because it gives you greater mobility and freedom. To circumvent inspection station jams, HTDS allows tours through metal detector wands.

A single sweep scan on a subject’s body or on a travel bag is sufficient to detect hidden metal objects.

Your teams can readily detect weapons and metal objects in any scenario, in accordance with the newest security standards, thanks to their exceptional sensitivity to all metals:

Where it can be used at…

  • Boarding docks and airports
  • Music lines and festivals
  • Nightclub security is a must.
  • Indoor events with a lot of people
  • Studios   and sporting events
  • Educational and community-based organizations

Advantages of Hand Held metal detector

  • Easy to use
  • Light-weight and portable
  • Reliable and accurate

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