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Parking Management price in BD

To achieve great efficiency in entrance/exit control, the camera parking management system uses an integrated barrier gate.

The smart barrier is equipped with an HD camera that recognizes vehicle license plates, a flashing light, a VMS, an auto barrier, a controller machine, and parking management software, among other features. To realize non-stop at the entrance/exit, simple hardware combined with sophisticated software is used.

The barrier that is integrated


Basic Purpose:


Entry/Exit Management for Cameras:


The smart gate can scan the license plate of the car and then release it.

2.Parking Fee Collection Management: Computers or a Pad (mobile) will be used for manpower collection. If the exit is equipped with an auto-pay machine, drivers can pay for it before arriving at the exit, allowing them to proceed without stopping.



The function of the software:

1.Traffic Volume Analysis: To increase revenue, analyze operation efficiency based on data collected at the entrance/exit.

2.Payment Method Evaluate: In order to analyze and monitor the operation state, data on client payment methods and payment amounts can be collected.

3.System Online Control: Keep an eye on the equipment’s state and be prepared to respond to faults.

4.Management of Human Resources:

Manage employee basic information, shifts, and work records, among other things.

5.Parking Classification for Customers

Set up temporary/monthly/VIP classifications, as well as a Black and White List.

6.Parking Finance Management: To determine the receivable amount, a camera counts the access cars. Money reconciliation and analysis that is accurate.


Throughout the parking process, AKE Parking Solutions has integrated all PGS and parking management systems.


System of Guidance

When drivers enter the parking lot, a VMS will display numbers and directions to show whether spaces are occupied or open.

a parking spot To identify the status of a parking place, a camera, ultrasonic, and geomagnetic sensor are used. In the meantime, loop detectors detect traffic volume and consolidate real-time data for transmission to the control system. Under sophisticated data collecting, everything will be under control.


Auto Charging System: In the AKE solution, paying the parking cost will be more flexible. There will be an automatic payment machine or a mobile application solution. There’s no need to linger too long at the exit.

Car Finding System:

Using AKE solutions, finding a parked vehicle in a large parking lot will be much easier. Drivers can check the position of a parked car by entering various information. Time of car entry, license plate number, and parking space number, etc. Or by swiping

on the inquiry machine, the parking card The driver will be shown the best path to assist him to find it quickly and efficiently.

Admin Management Platform:

In the admin platform, all acquired data will be managed. For instance, the length of time an automobile is parked, its location, and whether it is occupied or accessible.


status, vehicle volume, and so on. AKE has Graphic User Interface panels (GUIs) that show the current condition of each detector in real-time.


CCTV, as well as a dynamic sign and, if needed, integrated parking revenue control system (PRCS) equipment. The current state of each space


Detector, the dynamic signs can be manually adjusted and monitored. To aid in the management of the parking lot, reports can be generated.

Everything has been rethought and refurbished in the AKE Parking Management System for a more convenient parking experience.

Electronic monitoring and control of parking facilities are provided by ‘Parking Area Equipment.’ It has an I2V connection to the vehicle that enables electronic parking fee collection and monitors and operates parking meters that allow for traditional parking fee collection. Instrumentation, signage, and other infrastructure that monitor parking lot usage and provide local information about parking availability and other basic parking information are also included. Sensing automobiles within parking spaces or counting vehicles as they enter and exit the area are the two main methods for monitoring parking lot usage. This part of the system needs to be in the parking lot, where it can monitor, classify, and exchange data with customers and their automobiles. See also the distinct ‘Parking Management Center’ physical item, which may be located in a back office away from the parking lot and connects with the financial infrastructure while also disseminating parking information to other regional operating centers.

Access Control Systems for Vehicles

Vehicle Access Control can be used as a parking access control system or as part of a revenue-generating parking system. A barrier gate arm is in the down position when the Parker enters, requiring the Parker to submit a valid credential at the Access Control Pedestal or the Entry BOXX before the gate arm opens. For example, a monthly Parker with an RFID proximity card would give their access credential to the card reader for approval in a gate control system (typically placing the credential 2 inches to 4 inches from the card reader).

When a cardholder’s long-range credential, such as a windshield tag or a license plate tag, comes within 10 to 25 feet of the reader, the tag is immediately scanned. The card transaction data is recorded to EASE, the Parking Management System, once the credential has been approved for the date, time, and place, and then the barrier gate arm unlocks.


With a gate control system, parking garages with a large number of monthly card/credential holders may have expedited vehicle access control system exit lanes reserved only for these card/credential holders, allowing them to avoid waiting in line with transient Parkers who must pay for parking, This is usually a more time-consuming operation than Monthly Parkers.


The Parking BOXX full-featured ticketing system relies heavily on the Access Control Pedestal. A high-contrast customer interface display, proximity scanner, and card access controllers are all included in this stainless steel pedestal and housing.