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IP Bullet Camera Price in Bangladesh

A closed-circuit television camera, sometimes known as a CCTV camera, is a surveillance camera that may collect images or record videos. This type of setup is commonly used to monitor people’s behavior, activities, or other changing information in order to manage, control, or protect them. Close monitoring from a distance is commonly utilized by private or government organizations for intelligence gathering, crime prevention, process, person, group, or object protection, or criminal investigation. These are important for intelligence agencies and businesses to avoid serious crimes like robbery and kidnapping, as well as collect data to improve efficiency.

Cameras of various types

Video IP Bullet CCTV cameras are classified as analog or digital based on how they convey signals to the recorder’s storage device. The gathered information can also be saved to a desktop or laptop computer.

Find your ideal security camera system from a variety of manufacturers, including Jovision, Dahua, YHDO, Hikvision, TVT, and more.

Here some best IP bullet cameras- Hikvision DS-2AE4223TI-D, Hikvision DS-2CE16D8T-IT3ZE, Hikvision DS-2CE16C0T-IRF

Cameras that are analog

Analog signals are transmitted as pictures, which must be captured at a slow pace on a continually running tape. A typical frame rate is four frames per second, which allows a three-hour recording to run for 24 hours. This entire procedure records frame by frame, which appears to be snapshots, and then the fuzzy image emerges. Analog signals can alternatively be transformed into digital signals using a video capture device installed in a computer to avoid this problem. The recordings made with a DVR in a computer can be saved as non-analog media. These recorders are more compatible than PC-based recording because they are designed for this purpose, are low-maintenance, and support medium to high numeric values.

Cameras that are digital

This sort of camera uses a digital signal to record images that may be saved directly to a computer. Despite the fact that the signal is compressed at 5:1, DVD quality can be reached by using a higher compression ratio with a slightly lower quality. Because uncompressed video can quickly take up storage, motion detection can be employed in some cases while recording at uncompressed quality. Because standard-definition video cameras can’t handle 320,000 pixels, they collect horizontal and vertical fields of lines at 30 frames per second and mix them together.

WIFI IP Cameras 

Wifi IP cameras, or Internet Protocol cameras, are cameras that send data over the internet. Surveillance cameras of this type just require a local area network that can be accessed via an ethernet connection. To manage video recording and alarm systems, many IP cameras require a central network video recorder (NVR). Other cameras can be operated decentralized without the use of an NVR because they can store data on a local or remote storage device.

Advantages of IP bullet CCTV Camera

  • Easy to install
  • Remote monitoring
  • Cost-effective
  • Use your existing infrastructure
  • High Resolution
  • Reliable
  • High resolution and Long distance

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What is the price of an IP bullet camera in Bangladesh?

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