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The AVANTE ACCESS-TRAKKER is a comprehensive personnel visibility system that combines nodal visibility with basic RFID access control and time-attendance management. This basic RFID access control system is designed to be upgradeable and extendable. No matter how large your organization becomes, the system can be scaled higher and completely connected with our other products to provide real-time visibility for emergency and evacuation management.


  1. You can add as many controller boxes as you like for as many access points as you want.
  2. As many layers and degrees of access control management as you need are possible.
  3. Upgrade to the AVANTE patent-pending active-passive combination ZONERTM card system and active RELAYERTM readers for the ultimate non-obtrusive and non-intrusive system that records entry and exit to particular doors/gates and provides quick emergency and evacuation management data.
  4. Each ZONERTM badge has an emergency or panic call button that activates real-time locating to deliver personal emergency assistance.
  5. The system can activate the more complex real-time locating system under emergency conditions with sufficient authorization (assuming additional hardware for the RTLS network of readers is installed). Only the badge holder or emergency management professionals can use the real-time locating function.
  6. Additional access control management can be provided by adding infrared and other sensors.
  7. For added security and visibility, video can be combined with the AVANTE PAVS-100.
  8. Other access control systems, such as GE Access Control System (“Secure Perfect”), Honeywell Access Control Systems, and others, are fully compatible and may be incorporated.

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