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With fingerprint access control, you establish a template for each person you want to grant access to using a fingerprint scanner. When they place their finger on a fingerprint scanner, such as one near a door, it is compared to the template saved in your database. If there’s a match, they’ll be granted entry.

Because a fingerprint is a part of the body, acquiring access with one that isn’t yours is much more difficult than stealing an access card.

Traditional access cards and fobs are easy to duplicate, making older access control systems extremely vulnerable. A fingerprint is far more difficult to duplicate. Most advanced biometric systems also use liveness tests to guarantee that the fingerprints are from a living person by measuring things like blood flow.

Fingerprint testing can offer an extra layer of protection to your access control, whether it’s at every access point or just in high-security areas. The person trying to obtain access is identified first by their access card. After that, they show their fingerprint to prove that they are the cardholder.

Online management; Using fingerprint access control software, each person’s template is stored online. Managing and revoking permissions is simple and quick with a software-based access control solution like AEOS.


Can’t be forgotten or misplaced; It’s all too easy to forget a password or code these days, especially with so many to memorize. It’s also very easy to forget or lose an access card. You always have your identifier with you with fingerprint access control.

Pulling out and using an access card can be cumbersome or impractical in many instances, especially when speed is required or people are carrying other goods.

Most fingerprint readers can identify people in less than a second, making them quick and efficient. This is significantly faster than using a password or PIN or doing a manual ID verification.

Fingerprint identification is now widely used in a number of scenarios, with many individuals, for example, using it on their smartphones. Because most people are already familiar with it, there isn’t much need for training on how to utilize it.

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