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Machine-actions that monitor, detect, troubleshoot, and address cyber threats without requiring human intervention are referred to as security automation. Security automation detects threats and prioritizes the best course of action for resolving them as they arise. This allows security teams to focus on high-value security issues rather than having to deal with each tiny remedy that would otherwise be escalated to security.

Best practices for performing threat detection, systematically triaging identified threats, selecting next steps, and addressing concerns in a matter of seconds result from automating security. It’s no surprise that enterprise firms that have undergone digital transformation are increasingly looking to automated security as a competitive advantage.

Risk analysts can focus on proactively identifying security issues rather than resolving current tickets thanks to security automation. This enables these individuals to put their expertise to better use in the organization. We’ll go over the history of security automation, why it’s important, and how to implement automated security processes in your company in this article.

What Is the Importance of Security Automation?

You already know that the primary goal of security automation is to aid risk and security analysts so that they may focus on the most important aspects of their jobs. Here are a few more major advantages of security automation:

Detects threats faster:

The process that permits computing equipment to learn from patterns and plan from repetition is known as intelligence. Threat detection with intelligence allows security responses to be triggered based on learned behavior that indicates a threat. This enables threat prevention to be delivered faster and more effectively, which is crucial in security infrastructure.

Improves incident response:

It improves incident response in the same way that it improves threat detection. When analysts are inundated with security alarms, they can only deal with the most important ones. The incident response becomes normal practice when the security analyst’s workload is shared.

Increases security metrics visibility:

When you orchestrate your automated security, you may integrate with systems that can track and report on security metrics. As a result, your security issues and practices become more visible.

Encourages security management standardization:

When completely orchestrated, you can see all infrastructure security from a centralized hub. This aids security departments in standardizing security management processes across departments, ensuring that objectives are met consistently.

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