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Pulse Oximeter Price in BD

What is Oximeter?

During this time of coronavirus, the popularity of the device called ‘Pulse Oximeter’ has increased significantly

The function of the pulse oximeter is to determine the level of oxygen in the blood and the speed of the heartbeat. The device is clipped to the fingertips, and before the coronavirus arrived, its users were people with respiratory problems. However, it is currently being used to monitor the level of oxygen in the blood, which is caused by the coronavirus.

Asymptomatic Covid-19 patients are those who are infected with coronavirus but do not experience any symptoms. As a result, before the patient understands anything, the level of oxygen in his blood decreases drastically.

The normal level of oxygen in the blood is 95 to 100 percent, according to the Pulse Oximeter. And if that level falls below 92 percent, he is considered abnormal and then immediate medical attention is required.

Those who need it

People suffering from respiratory complications like asthma, bronchitis, etc. should have this device. Anyone who has been in the vicinity of a potential coronavirus patient can use the device. People with diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic lung or heart disease are more likely to develop Covid-19. So these people should also keep an eye on the level of oxygen in the blood.

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