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Biometric time and attendance technologies have made it possible to measure group or individual activities and attendance with greater precision. Now comes the question of how these biometric attendance systems function. A biometric attendance system records your unique biological/physical feature, such as your hand or fingerprint, iris pattern, and occasionally even your voice, and permits you to conduct whatever you are permitted to do. Time Attendance machines also keep track of employee work schedules, such as who did what and when, and so on. A biometric attendance system is a reliable technology that ensures attendance accuracy and is useful for companies with a high number of employees. ETS provides a comprehensive range of Biometric Solutions to meet the demands of every enterprise. Time Attendance accessories, Access Control, Payroll, Visitor Management, and Custom Applications are just a few of the options. Individuals, Financial/Banking Services, Government Departments, Industries, Pharmaceuticals, Hotels, Healthcare, Stock Brokers, Co-operative Societies, Builders, Super Markets, Traders, Educational Institutions, and others are among Orion System’s customers.

Bangladesh is embarking on a massive endeavor to give each of its 18 core people a unique identity number. The identifying number will be recorded in central databases alongside the individual’s biometric data. If accomplished, this would be the world’s largest biometrics deployment.

It’s no secret that payroll is the most expensive aspect of most organizations, and that manually managing a crew is time-consuming. With the economy still struggling to recover from the recent downturn, efficiently controlling your company’s employee time and attendance has never been more critical to your bottom line.

Enter proximity time and attendance accessory systems, which automate time and attendance management. Because proximity systems are, well, better, they are increasingly replacing magnetic stripe and barcode badge systems. Magnetic and barcode badges tend to wear out, are less secure because they can be reproduced, and must be scanned with exposed electronics. Vandalism, dirt, and grime are just a few of the threats these units face due to their exposed electronics. What distinguishes proximity attendance systems from others? Badges do not degrade over time and cannot be reproduced.

Furthermore, proximity systems read employee badges using internal (non-visible) electronics, with some systems not even requiring employees to take their card out of their pocket or purse to clock in (resulting in fewer lost badges). Before we get too excited about proximity badge reader systems, it’s important to note that they do have some disadvantages. Proximity readers are fantastic multi-taskers (access control, ID cards, etc. ), and there isn’t a system out there (yet) that beats the biometric attendance system’s security features. Contact a time and attendance expert to determine the best attendance solution for your firm. They’ll be equipped with the information and experience needed to accurately dia.

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