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In most circumstances, each employee is given a time card that resembles a credit or debit card. When an employee clock in or out, the magnetic strip is programmed with information personal to that employee, and the employee swipes his or her card in a time clock that looks like a credit card machine.

The administrators of most educational institutions are concerned about student absences. Truancy can have a negative impact on a student’s overall academic performance. The traditional technique of collecting attendance by calling names or signing on paper is inefficient because it takes a long time and is insecure. One of the answers to this challenge is to use a radio frequency identification (RFID) based attendance system. This technique can be used to track student attendance in school, college, and university settings. It can also be used to keep track of employee attendance at work. When compared to the traditional method, its capacity to uniquely identify each person based on their RFID tag kind of ID card makes taking attendance quicker, faster, and more secure. Students or employees need merely place their ID cards on the reader for their attendance to be taken quickly. Because the system has a real-time clock, taking attendance will be more accurate because the time for taking attendance will be more precise. With the system’s real-time clock functionality, taking attendance will be more accurate because the time of the attendance will be recorded. The device can be connected to a computer through an RS232 or USB connector, and the attendance data can be stored in a database. HyperTerminal software is another option for seeing the recorded attendance. A working prototype of the system has been created.

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