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A security technique that allows one area to view, use, or control another is known as an access control device. The RFID time attendance machine, a type of access control device, is also used to record attendance. These safety devices can be utilized in various settings, including businesses, banks, offices, schools, and colleges, to provide security for a variety of tasks. It’s important to understand that a variety of factors influences access control.

Method of Protection:

Fingerprint, Retina, Face, Keypad, and RFID access control provide security in a variety of methods. RFID is one of the great attendance systems.

RFID based attendance system is an advanced attendance management system that has an RFID reader, RFID Tag, LCD display & a microcontroller unit that allows wireless communications to establish the identity of students, faculty, or any other staff.

Where can it be used?

This technique can be used to track student attendance in school, college, and university settings. It can also be used to keep track of employee attendance at work. When compared to the traditional method, its capacity to uniquely identify each person based on their RFID tag kind of ID card makes taking attendance quicker, faster, and more secure.

Students or employees need merely place their ID cards on the reader for their attendance to be taken quickly. Because the system has a real-time clock, taking attendance will be more accurate because the time for taking attendance will be more precise.

With the system’s real-time clock functionality, taking attendance will be more accurate because the time of the attendance will be recorded.

The device can be connected to a computer through an RS232 or USB connector, and the attendance data can be stored in a database. HyperTerminal software is another option for seeing the recorded attendance. A working prototype of the system has been created.

Advantages of RFID

  • Easy Tracking
  • Real-time Access
  • Automatic Process
  • Convenience and Accuracy

Types of RFID Time Attendance Device

Which one is the best for you, it depends on the numbers of your students or employees and budget. And all Card capacities are not the same. So, you have to know about capacity before buying.

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