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A security technique that allows one area to view, use, or control another is known as an access control device. The thumb attendance machine, a type of access control device, is also used to record attendance time. These safety devices can be utilized in a variety of settings, including businesses, banks, offices, and schools, and colleges, to provide security for a variety of tasks. It’s important to understand that access control is influenced by a variety of factors.

Method of Protection:

Fingerprint, retina, face, keypad, and RFID access control provide security in a variety of methods.


1.Fingerprint system: fingerprint time attendance is a means of providing security through the scanning of the fingers. Data input has pre-registered this system. The latter is based on previously collected data.

2.Retina system: The photosensitive screen behind the eyeball is known as the retina. The data is entered by scanning the retina within the device with advanced fingerprint time attendance access control technologies. As a result, when the access control light lands on the eye, it scans using the information provided earlier.

3.Face system: The most cutting-edge technological security equipment available today. The device is equipped with a sensor camera that can instantly scan the user’s face. It, too, must input data in advance, just like the preceding gadgets. Based on that information, works are created.

4.Keypad system: The device is activated by pressing the corresponding ID’s number button.

5.RFID System: RFID stands for radio-frequency identification or wireless frequency identification in its full form. The RFID gadget operates by using electromagnetic fields to automatically detect and track the information delivered by the radio frequency. The equipment is equipped with a radio receiver and transmitter for this purpose.


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