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A security technique that allows one area to view, use, or control another is known as an access control device. The thumb attendance machine, a type of access control device, is also used to record attendance. These safety devices can be utilized in various settings, including businesses, banks, offices, schools, and colleges, to provide security for a variety of tasks. It’s important to understand that a variety of factors influences access control.

Method of Protection:

Fingerprint, Retina, Face, Keypad, and RFID access control provide security in a variety of methods. Till now, the Fingerprint is the most popular biometric system.

The fingerprint time attendance is a means of providing security through the scanning of the fingers. Data input has pre-registered this system. The latter is based on previously collected data.

Advantages of Fingerprint time attendance device

  • Record employees IN & OUT
  • Helpful for calculating overtime
  • Calculate lateness
  • No extra cost

Types of Fingerprint Time Attendance Device

Which one is the best for you, it depends on the numbers of your employees and budget. Some fingerprint devices include Card capacity. And all fingerprint capacities are not the same. So, you have to know about capacity before buying.


Fingerprint Time Attendance Device of Low budget
If your budget is low or you have no need for more user capacity, then you can choose ZKTeco K90, ZKTeco K40 for your businesses, offices, bank, schools, and colleges.

Fingerprint Time Attendance Device of High budget
On the other hand, If you need more Fingerprint or card capacity, we recommend to you – ZKTeco iClock700, ZKTeco iClock3000

In addition, we are ready to provide with you the most popular Fingerprint time attendance device at the best price. For example, ZKTeco iClock680, ZKTeco s922, Virdi AC2100 Plus, Realtime RS 10, Nitgen enBioAccess-T2 etc. Different types of Fingerprint time attendance devices the brands of ZKTeco, Virdi, Nexakey, Realtime are available at TechDeal.

What is the price of a Fingerprint time attendance device in Bangladesh?

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Order Process

Following some steps, you can order easily.

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