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Parking Barrier price in BD

At Barriers Direct, we have a large selection of parking barriers. This amazing installation will allow you to easily control and monitor vehicle entry and leave at your site, as well as improve the security of your property.

We have a big assortment of automatic and manual automobile Parking Barriers prices in BD, so you’ll be able to locate the correct parking barrier for your needs and budget.

Our parking barriers are made of a durable and useful design that will last a long period. Get yours with free UK shipping or quick delivery if you need it sooner.

Parking Barrier price in BD Direct offers a variety of manual and automatic car park barriers to help maintain good control and monitoring of vehicle entry and exit. The steel-constructed Hi-Vis manual arm barrier is a heavy-duty device. It has a double-legged pedestal for further support and stability. An aluminum boom, counterweight, and a comfortable handle grip make up the barrier itself. As a standard, this vehicle park barrier comes with booms that measure between 3-6 meters.

For larger entries, our entire heavy-duty manual arm Parking Barrier price in BD provides more coverage. It can stretch to a length of 9 meters while being perfectly balanced, allowing the boom to be raised and lowered with ease. remains easy. This vehicle park barrier is made of high-quality steel and requires locking while in the upright position to keep it in place. On request and at an additional expense, signage can be provided.

The automatic barrier is a cost-effective system that manipulates the barrier with an inbuilt Telemecanique inverter-driven motor and gearbox drive. It may be powered with simply a single-phase source and operates smoothly. The control unit is housed in an aluminum cabinet with a stylish and durable design that ensures long life. The boom can be extended up to 4 meters in length.

Our automated Parking Barrier prices in BD, which are extremely robust and effective, are another great alternative. Because of their capacity to interact with an endless number of access control alternatives, they are appropriate for a wide range of residential and business applications. Arm length might vary from 3 to 6 meters. The electronic boom barrier is a one-of-a-kind product that can be powered by both an internal battery and solar energy. This car park barrier is made of aluminum and is excellent for small to medium entranceways where power supply is difficult to route.

The automatic “Bollards and Chain Barrier” is one of Barriers Direct’s most inventive car park barrier designs. Two strong bollards with an in-built gear motor and control panel make up this interesting design. To provide access, the chain climbs and falls below ground level. It is mostly used to control pedestrian traffic in private parking lots.


  • Bolt-down installation
  • Padlock and bolts included
  • Can be locked in both the lowered and raised positions
  • Automated barriers with adjustable speed
  • Single-phase supply, three-phase motor
  • Manual override in the event of a power outage
  • Color selections that can be customized