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The term ‘Hybrid DVR’ means that you can record both IP cameras and analog cameras to the same DVR. The ‘Hybrid Security Camera System’ is a system that organizes both analog and IP cameras by using a hybrid DVR.

A digital video recorder that, in addition to the digital video input, accepts signals from analog cameras and converts them to digital. Used in an IP surveillance system, the hybrid DVR can be a stand-alone device or a plug-in card for a PC.

Hybrid DVR Provide a Smooth Transition

For any given customer, the most attractive hybrid DVR will be the unit from their existing DVR supplier. Even if the customer does not especially like their DVR vendor, all of their staff is trained on using that DVR’s client software. In addition, often, all of the DVRs are from one vendor, so the staff never has to worry about which software client to use. The same client software for the DVR can usually be used for hybrid systems. This makes the switch seamless and transparent to the users. Customers are willing to switch, but when it’s close, the comfort of the staff is a major factor in sticking with existing processes and products.

What is the price of a Hybrid DVR in Bangladesh?

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