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CCTV camera systems are ideal for both commercial and domestic security. CCTV systems are crucial for those in business and may provide an added sense of safety to individuals in both commercial and residential applications by providing a live stream of video that can be seen in real-time or saved for playback or as evidence. Any CCTV system network will have a variety of components to guarantee that it is reliable and capable of providing surveillance to all required areas. Our selection of CCTV accessories includes everything from cables and power supply to mounting brackets and connections.

Power Sources



CCTV systems can be powered by a battery or by a cable power supply network. Rechargeable battery systems allow for distant installation without the need for a set source of power for your camera. Wired systems do require a set power supply, which can limit their use in some applications but also ensures a consistent system without the need for battery replacement and charging.

Boosters for Signals



Both wired and wireless CCTV systems may cover huge areas, and signal strength boosters are frequently used to provide the best possible quality and reliability. Long-range boosters can also be used to enable the operation of CCTV cameras in more rural areas where signal strength may be weak.



Multiple cameras, power supplies, screens, recording systems, and other components may be used to connect your system. A secure and consistent system requires that all of these factors work together in a consistent and dependable manner. All of our connectors, including BNC, Cat 5 and Cat 5e, coaxial, HDMI, and many others, will ensure that all systems work together to satisfy any requirements.


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