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The monitor is an output device of the computer and usually contains a visual display, circuitry, power supply that is connected to a PC. Firstly the function of the monitor was only restricted to output for data processing in official work, but it also includes entertainment from the year of 1980.Each monitor’s display usually has a thin film transistor liquid crystal display that replaces the LED backlighting (CCFL) backlighting, which is why its… Which is why its use is increasing day by day, especially for programmers who personally prefer monitors..

Branded Monitors Available:  You will find us all kinds of low budget to high budgeted gaming monitors as like as Asus, HP, DELL, MSI, Philips, LG, Samsung, AOC, Benq, Gigabyte etc.. We try to keep a variety of monitors in stock such as Curve, Slim, Full SD, HD, 4K resolution, eye care monitor and 16.5 “, 19.5” 21.5 “, 24″, 30” monitors of all sizes.

Which Major Features Should I Look for in a Monitor when buy? If you need to share a monitor with someone, choose a model that has an ergonomic stand and can be angled 360 degrees. You often need to connect USB devices and use them for many important purposes, I would definitely suggest looking for a monitor with built-in USB port. Most monitors have built-in speakers, which are enough for the average user, but high quality speakers are needed for those who want to listen to gaming or DJ music. As a general rule, the higher the power rating, the more volume you can expect, and for this you can take a monitor with additional audio pop. Some monitors may not have perfect speaker sound, but you can add good quality external speakers that can give you better sound than the built-in speakers.

Best Monitor Price in BD: Monitor prices depend on the target audience, Branded Monitor, the screen size, Response time, and the features of the display. We sell branded monitors from 5000 thousand to 2 lakh in showrooms or you can online order from Tech deal. Of course, we give good suggestions to the customer before buying the monitor because according to their requirements, what size monitor will be better, LED display or LCD, response time and other features are explained to the customer in detail. So you can knock us on our facebook page today or order us online to get the best monitor within your budget.

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