Model: MC-52; Maximum Switch Current: 0.5A
Will make Sense Door Closer at Roughly 25-35mm.
Screw mounted for easily install, the screws are included here.

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MC-52 Metal Wired Door And Window Magnetic Switch Sensor is a reed switch, wired magnetic switch sensor which senses the opening of a door or window by a surface mount sensor. Surface mount reed sensor devices are an SMT design used in switching and sensing applications. It consists of a magnet part and a switch. When the door is closed, the magnet part is near to the switch and the switch is shorted and the circuit is closed, too.
This is a switch sensor, so it can easily be used without any complicated control circuit. It’s not just for door or windows and can widely be used in home security and anywhere. It’s operated based on distance of these two parts of it, so you can use it to sense any situation that a moving thing must be detected from a place, such as opening a sliding door more than x centimeter, in this situation, the wired magnet (depends on your design maybe another magnet) is mounted on the wall with x centimeter far from the closed door and another magnet part mounted on the end of the door, while opening the door and passing the end of the door from near the mounted magnet, the switch is activated.
It is usually be used as a burglar alarm, suitable for houses, garages, warehouses, businesses and shops etc.

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