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Power Bank Price in Bangladesh

In the modern age, mobile has become a constant companion of our daily life. We can’t handle a day without a mobile phone. A mobile is incomplete without some specific accessories. For example, Charger, Earphone, Mobile Cover, Power Bank, Data Cable, Selfie Stick, Memory Card, Mobile Stand, Mobile Lens, Battery, OTG Cable, Speaker, Headset, etc. Power Bank is an inevitable part of mobile phones. 

Purchasing Power Bank from the market will be troublesome. That’s why we are ready to provide all high-end branded Power Bank at the dealer price all over Bangladesh. If you need any type of Power Bank, just make a phone call or send a message to us.

Power Bank is a portable battery charging device that uses sophisticated electronics to manage to take charge from a charger, store charge in a battery, and then charge other devices. Power Bank is just not a simple battery; it uses a special electronics circuit to manage being charged and then charging other devices. 

Uses of Power Bank

The purpose of a power bank is to recharge battery-powered electronics when you’re on the go! Running out of battery can be a big problem, especially when you might not have access to a wall outlet to charge your phone. A power bank can be small enough to fit in your pocket, or it can be larger with a higher capacity. Power banks are used to charge mobile phones, tablets, speakers, and even laptops!

Types of Power Bank

There are different types of Power Banks on the market. The capacity and the size of the power bank are the main criteria. For example,

  • Block power bank
  • Credit card power bank
  • Keychain power bank
  • Wireless power bank
  • Flashlight power bank
  • Speaker power bank
  • Novelty power bank
  • Bluetooth earbud power bank
  • Lantern power bank
  • Solar power bank
  • High capacity power bank

Power Bank with High Capacity

The Power Banks which have lots of power are able to charge many devices at once. High-Capacity Power banks about up to 10000 mAh to 20000 mAh power use many USB ports that allow you to charge different types of devices at the same time, like smartphones, tablets, or other USB portable devices. This type of Power Bank is also able to have better charging techs such as Type-C, Quick Charge, and even DC Output port for charging laptops. 

Techdeal has available Power Bank with high capacity, for example, (20000mAh power)

  1. Adata P20000QCD
  2. Aspor A399
  3. Aspor A399 PD
  4. Aspor A375, etc

Power Bank with Low Capacity

Who do not have to charge multiple devices at once, the low-capacity power bank is enough because most of the Low Capacity Power banks have no multiple USB Ports. Via this type of power bank, a user can charge his smartphone twice or thrice times. Some Power Banks with low capacity that means 10000mAh  to 5000mAh power are 

  1. Aspor A328
  2. Aspor A325
  3. REMAX RPL-2 E5 
  4. REMAX RPP-151, etc. 

Advantages of Power Bank

  • Easily Portable
  • Customizable
  • Affordable
  • Reusable
  • Fast-Charging
  • Reduces worry of a Dead Cell-phone
  • Useful During Power Interruption
What are the things you should keep in mind before buying a Power Bank?

When you purchase a new Power Bank, be sure to talk to salesmen about the mAh power and how many devices you want to charge at once. If you need high capacity, buy a 20000mAh power bank. On the other hand, if you need low capacity you can choose below 10000mAh power . If you check and select the latest brand or model of Power Bank in advance, then you can take the best Power Bank. We sell Power Bank of all kinds of the best brands internationally.

What is the price of a Power Bank in Bangladesh?

Techdeal offers you any type of Power Bank at the best price in Bangladesh. You can order on our website or Facebook Page or visit any of our showrooms. For more information- 01844-944094