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Data Cable Price in Bangladesh

For the time being, mobile has become a constant companion of our daily life. We can’t handle a day without a mobile phone. A mobile is incomplete without some specific accessories. For example, Charger, Earphone, Mobile Cover, Power Bank, Data Cable, Selfie Stick, Memory Card, Mobile Stand, Mobile Lens, Battery, OTG Cable, Speaker, Headset, etc. Data Cable is an inevitable part of mobile phones. 

A data cable is any media that allows baseband transmissions from a transmitter to a receiver.

It is a method of connecting multiple devices such as PCs, Printers, CCTV cameras, servers within an IT network.

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Uses of Data Cable

Data cables are used to transmit information from a source to a destination. Extensively used in telecommunication systems, the type of data cabling is either copper or fiber optics.

Data cables are mainly used for network communication, internal communication, and Peripheral cabling. 

Internal communication

A data cable is a must to communicate between the hardware of a computer. For example, a hard drive is connected to the motherboard to communicate between them using a data cable.

Network Communication

A data cable is used to establish connections between multiple computers over a network. By using this, a cable is utilized. An ethernet cable uses the network interface to connect PC.

Peripheral Cabling

Peripheral devices such as printers, cameras, scanners, xerox machines all use data cables to connect, transfer and receive data from the computer.

Types of Data Cable

Cables can be classified into three types.

Twisted Pair 

These data cables consist of two copper core wires. One is a ground reference, and the other is a signal carrier.

These wires are twisted throughout the cable, hence the name, and the twists protect the communication signals from degradation. There tends to be signal degradation if the twisted pair cable is longer than 300 feet. 

Coaxial Cable 

Coaxial cables carry signals at higher frequencies than twisted pairs cables. This data cable consists of a central core conductor in an insulator. An outer conductor of metal foil covers the core wire and protects the data communication signal. Digital telephone networks and television communication data use this type of cable. 

Fiber Optic

This type of cable transmits data in the form of light via a light channel. The light channel has two parts, namely, core and cladding. Fiber optic is the preferred data cable for fast Internet connections, as it is not as susceptible to signal degradation as the other types. 

The cord of optic fiber cables is fragile, and they require a unique plug and network cards to transmit their signals.

What are the things you should keep in mind before buying a Data Cable?

When you purchase a new Data Cable, be sure to get one that matches the port of the phone. First, you need to know about the type, size, and length. If you need a cable for charge only, you would be sure to buy a fast charging cable. For example, Aspor A133L, Aspor AC05, Aspor AC06, etc. 

On the other hand, if you need data transfer, also you must choose a USB Data transfer cable.

If you select the high-end branded Data Cable in advance, then you can take the best Data Cable. For example, HD132, Belkin F2CU059bt04, etc.  We sell Data Cable of all kinds of the best brands internationally.

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