DEDAKJ DE-1S Oxygen Concentrator 1-6L/min Adjustable with Remote

  • Negative ion function for 6million per cm3
  • Timing function for 180min at most
  • Power saving model
  • Sleeping model
  • Auto power off for protection
  • The infrared remote control
  • Oxygen-producing accumulated
  • Function of system-board oxygen

৳  34,000.00 ৳  40,000.00

DEDAKJ DE-1S Oxygen Concentrator 1-6L/min Adjustable with Remote

In the difficult historical period in which we live, one of the most precious assets is certainly OXYGEN , but would you ever have thought of being able to “produce” it directly in your home through a simple appliance? From today you can do it thanks to DEDAKJ DE-1S Oxygen Concentrator, let’s find out more!

DEAKJ DE-1S Portable Oxygen Concentrator With - 6 L/Min

Normal operating condition:

Operational temperature: 0°C~40°C
Relative humidity range: ≤80%RH
Atmospheric pressure range: 86kPa-106kPa

Package includes:

1 x Main engine
1 x Oxygen inhalation suit(ear hook oxygen inhaler, nasal cannula, oxygen tube, water-storing equipment)
1 x Spare parts(filter, macroporous nasal cannula, water tank silica gel stopper, protective tube)
1 x Remote control
1 x User manual quick start guide
1 x Certificate of approval
1 x Power cord


DEDAKJ DE-1S Oxygen Concentrator operation is much simpler than it may seem at first glance, in fact it will be enough to fill the container with WATER as clean as possible, connect the oxygen inhaler, connect it to the electricity mains and turn it on; that’s it, after a few minutes you can start breathing better.

DEAKJ DE-1S Portable Oxygen Concentrator With - 6 L/Min

The combination of AIR FILTER and IONIZATION will allow you to better purify the air before it is inhaled, the internal cooling system prevents it from overheating, so much so that it can be used even at night, it is really SILENT !

The DEDAKJ DE-1S Oxygen Concentrator generously sized DISPLAY has the SOS button to request assistance, TIMER can be set to your liking, customizable air flow speed and oxygen concentration adjustment, a convenient REMOTE CONTROL is also available to replace the device from a distance.

DEAKJ DE-1S Portable Oxygen Concentrator With - 6 L/Min


Product name: DE-1S oxygen concentrator
Oxygen generation method:Pressure Swing Adsorption(PSA)
Rated voltage:AC220V,110V
Power: 120W
Oxygen flow rate: 1-6L/min adjustable
Oxygen concentration: 30%-90%(±3%)adjustable
Oxygen pressure: 0.02-0.03MPa
pH value: qualified according to the specified method
Morphological identification: odorless, colorless gas, combustion
Ultra violet disinfection: 25 minutes timing
Speaker: 0.5W/80
Time setting:.maximum
Operating noise: ?45dB
Size: 340mmx185mmx305mm
Net weight:6.3Kg

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