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The attendance management system is a boon in today’s world. In every sector attendance is a must thing. The attendance record is kept in every sector.
Keeping attendance in the old way(in a book or diary) is very painful. Technology has gifted us with a new system
named attendance management. It is easy to use. An attendance machine that can record attendance
promptly will reduce the extra work of writing everyone’s in and out.
In BD attendance management system is used almost everywhere.
Let’s see the pricing of the Attendance Management System.

BDT. 9,900.00
 Fingerprint Time Attendance Terminal
 Fingerprint Capacity 6,000
 ID Card Capacity 6,000
 Log Capacity 2,00,000

BDT. 16,900.00
 Fingerprint Time Attendance Terminal
 Fingerprint Capacity:20,000
 ID Card Capacity:20,000
 Record Capacity:2,00,000

ZKTECO SFace-900
BDT. 25,000.00
 Multi-Biometric Time & Attendance
 Access Control Terminal
 Face:3000
 Finger: 3000
 Card: 10000, Log: 100000
BDT. 8,000.00

 Time Attendance
 Hybrid Biometrics With Access Control Terminal
 200 Faces
 500 Fingerprints
 50.000 Record

ZKTECO iClock-700
BDT. 19,300.00
 Time Attendance And Access Control Terminal
 Finger:20,000/50,000
 Card:10,000
 Log: 2,00,000

‘Record In & Out smartly’

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